What Friendship means to me


A friendship is very important for life. And so also for me. You need a good friend, which stands beside you for your whole life. A friend should be there for you all the time. You can go to your friend and tell him a problem. Often he/she  can help you. Maybe he/she doesn’t have an answer to your problem, but they can find nice words for you and hold you in her(/his) arms. With a good friend, perhaps your best friend, you can talk about very secret things. Then you share a secret together and it could be easier for you to talk about it with your parents. 


You can go on holiday with your friends or just go to the city. Maybe you have the same interests and can do things together. For example skiing or snowboarding. You can go to the cinema with him/her and when you are afraid you can take his/her hand and it'’ nothing else, just a good feeling for you. This doesn’t work with a boyfriend. When you’re happy about something, for example your grades in school, you can tell him/her and he/she is happy too. He/She knows it if you feel bad, because they feel it too. It doesn’t matter if your best friend is a boy or a girl, if he/she is olderr or younger than you, because the most important thing is that you understand each other! It’s the character which makes a friend to your best friend, because you like his/her special character.


When you are old people you will remember the good times! Maybe you had a special experience together and it’ll keep you together for all your life. But don’t forget: You should also be there for your friend. Have always an open ear and helpful words for him/her. A friend is like a plant, when you give the plant water it grows and makes you happy with it’s green leaves. Bur when you forget to givwe it water, it dies and you aren’t happy anymore. 


So, the best tip I can give you is: please take care of your friend and also for your plants!



geschrieben 2003 als Aufsatz im Gymnasium


Faszinierend wie ich damals Freundschaft beschrieb und in welche Tiefe ich mich mit der Pflanzenassoziation begab. Was ist Freundschaft für dich? Versorgst du deine Freundschaften optimal? Wirst du von deinen Freunden optimal versorgt? Wenn deine stärkste Freundschaft eine Pflanze wäre, welche würde das sein?